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Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Solo's Food & Beverages

Solo's Food & Beverages list bellow :

Western :
* Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jend A Yani 234, Solo 57162. Tel.: (62)(271) 724797. American fastfood.
* McDonald. Dr Rajiman 152, Solo 57151. Tel.: (62)(271) 630100. American fastfood.
* Pizza Hut, Brigjen Slamet Riyadi 380, Solo 57142. Tel.: (62)(271) 721577. Italian restaurant.

* Diamond, Brigjen Slamet Riyadi 392, Solo 57142. Tel.: (62)(271) 715007.
* Orient, Brigjen Slamet Riyadi 397. Solo 57142. Tel.: (62)(271) 714963

* Oishi Bento. Slamet Riyadi 273 Solo Grand Mall Kav 11 Bl B-2 Lt 3. Tel.: (62)(271) 718459.

* Kusuma Sari, Yos Sudarso 81. Solo 57112. Tel.: (62)(271) 656406.
* Wong Solo, Brigjen Slamet Riyadi 299, Solo 57141. Tel.: (62)(271) 713931.

Soto is a sort-of clear soup made from vegetables, spices, chicken or beef. You can find various kinds of soto in Solo:
* Bangkong, Dr Rajiman 536 RT 002/05. Tel.: (62)(271)7073924.
* Gading, Brigjen Katamso 75, Tel.: (62)(271) 665526.
* Kendit, RM Said 227 RT 001/06, Solo 57139. Tel.: (62)(271) 712952
* Kuali, Beteng Bl D/6, Solo 57113. Tel.: (62)(271) 657261.
* Prawit, Kapten P Tendean 172. Solo 57135. Tel.: (62)(271) 722653.

Timlo Solo is a famous soup made from beef, white noodles, boiled potatoes, carrots, celery, and cabbages.
* Timlo Solo. Jend Urip Sumoharjo 94, Solo 57124, (62)(271) 646180.
* Timlo Sastro. Kapt Mulyadi 28, Tel.: (62)(271) 654820.

Gudeg is also worth to try, even though people said that gudeg originally comes from Jogja, however, Gudeg Solo is quite different from the one from Jogja. Gudeg Jogja is dried and sweet. While Gudeg Solo is usually served with sauce. Gudeg Margoyudan is one of the unique vendor. The specialty of it is its boiled chicken legs to accompany the complete Nasi Gudeg offers. The other unique feature is, it opens at the dawn around 01.00 in the morning. and by 05.00 it will close. After the night travel around Solo, warm NAsi Gudeg will be a great treat for stomach. Eventhough it is located at the strettside, most of the time you have to take the long line up before served. Gudeg cakar Margoyudan represents one symbol of sleepless life in Solo.
* Adem Ayem, Slamet Riyadi 342, Solo 57141. Tel.: (62)(271) 712891.
* Gudeg Cakar, Margoyudan Monginsidi
* Nini Thowong, Widuran

Nasi Liwet is almost similar to "Nasi Uduk" which is very famous in Jakarta or west Java. It is rice, which is cooked with 'santan' or coconut milk. The vendors for traditional nasi liwet easily be found in Keprabon street. The most famous vendor is Bu Lemu, but along the Keprabon you can find most of the vendor add the name Lemu after their own name.

Serabi Notosuman ,is a popular traditional pancakes made from coconut milk, flour,sugar and other ingredients (often sprinkled with cocholate rices as a variation). They taste sweet. You may notice that in certain holidays often sold out quick, also often taken as a gift (oleh-oleh). Such is the popularity of this dish that one may endure a wait of 2 hours. You can find them in Notosuman street (most Solonese knows Serabi Notosuman) and several their other outlets.

Other than Serabi, Solo offers a rich varities of snack, ranged from dry snack, (onde-onde ceplus, kripik cakar, kripik paru, kerak nasi goreng) to keleman (fresh snack) (solo, wajik, jadah, kue ku, lapis, cara bikang). Sosis Solo has been identified as the specialty snack from Solo, is made of chopped beef combined with spices wrapped in by thin egg pancake. You can find the rich varities of traditional fresh snacks once you walk into Pasar Gede.

Dawet or called cendol in west java/Jakarta tastes so good to cool you down during the hot days in Solo. This drink is made with coconut milk and brown-javanese sugar and sort-of gelatine. Thus this is sweet and usually served with ice-cubes. Gempol plered is made from coconut milk with rice ball and a look like some kind of 'pangsit'. Sometimes it served with rock ice. The taste is mix between sweet and litle bit salty.

~ Ista Lastu ~

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